Anonymous: Do you have a costume idea for this coming halloween?

I originally wanted to be Maleficent but my life has taken some turns that keep me very busy and slightly disabled so I don’t think that will happen. Plus, it is likely I will have to work that day and our team voted on a theme for us to dress with cohesion and the winner was “cartoons” so now I’m trying to figure out what to do with that. My sister and I will probably be Mario and Luigi. I was hoping for a reason to use my spandex skeleton costume I made last year but I will probably use it for something this year.

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Nudes2 by Yvonne Wiecek

The silence lingers longer than my fingers can count. It deepens my concerns and creeps in more doubt. I thought, surely you wouldn’t let it last this amount. But the days slip by, and I realize I’m out.

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Words of Emotion
"You don’t owe people the person you used to be. You don’t have to talk to people who are speaking to the old you. If they want to drag old you out, and you’ve already left that person behind, they don’t get to talk to you. When you’ve gone from weakness to strength, you don’t owe a show of your former self to someone who just can’t wrap their head around your change."
— Dig Yourself (via skeletales)

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"Never, never tell them. Try and remember that. Never tell anyone anything ever. Never tell anyone anything again."
Ernest Hemingway, from The Garden Of Eden  (via brat club)

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I need you
to be patient with me.
Sometimes you will find me
curled up like the cat
and you will have to tell me
you are
you are
you are.

Sometimes you will need to hold my hands
so they do not mindlessly graze
over broken ribs
softly nestled behind flesh.

And sometimes you will have to let me go
so I may be reminded
that I saved myself many a times,
and I can do it again.
I need you
to be patient with me.

Michelle K., Patient With Me.  (via suchvodka)

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